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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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opportunities to relieve that as well. certainly while looking at other options it is a good time to take a serious look at seeing if we can relocate the other services so that you do not have the latest and pullouts. all of those are important. your observation is correct. supervisor wiener: thank you. let's proceed to dolores park. then we can have reckin park speak as well. >> all that i wanted to do with this page was summarize again. i wanted to thank your staff for the leadership in advancing the project in helping us to work together to make sure that we do the right thing.
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from our perspective we just wanted to lay out the high level issues. clearly, we need to do a better job on being more proactive, including right of way. regardless of where the limits are. maybe a shared obligation is one where we can make sure, however we define it, that we hold up our end of the bargain. we want to support the project to the extent that we can. a couple of issues that we want to work on, including whether or not something can be done to the ramp to create better pedestrian access. at 20th street we are prepared to work with rec and park to see the project go forward successfully. if i do not offer anything more
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in terms of specifics except for, clearly, it is important for us. not just so the j line goes further, but we want to be good neighbors. there are issues in the park and, as you well know, with the right of way beyond that we are working with certain neighbors on that. everything from the noise on the track to the tradition of the shelters. there is opportunity to do some exciting things. i just wanted to pledge our cooperation to do that. supervisor wiener: i do like the idea of mou spellings responsibility. i think that i see ms ballard. i wanted to acknowledge jake, a wonderful section manager that
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oversees dolores park. i would hazard to guess that it is the most challenging part in the city for good and challenging reasons. a very popular park. let's thank you. -- >> thank you. >> perhaps mr. anderson can
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start with an overview? >> i am the parks service manager for rec and park. dolores park is our major facility. but there are other devotions in a number of facilities. briefly i wanted to talk about the impact on the park itself and the operational impact of maintaining the abandoned station. so, i am going to wing it in terms of overall, this station, which has close to follow, is really the definition of an attractive nuisance.
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not only is it the graffiti that you have seen, it is illegal encampments, public latrines, shooting galleries, you name it. the maintenance burden put on us in the past has been quite high. so, overall in the scope of -- ok. you will see, as this comes up on the overhead, briefly, dolores park has become a cultural phenomenon the amount of users are arriving have increased steadily and it has strained of the maintenance budget and the burden. the budget is approximately
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400,000. the major aspects are that a lot of our deferred maintenance problems, including graffiti and the vandalism, we are doing a lot with just a little bit of pickup. in the interest of brevity, we cover that. it is my service area. within the mission, basically covering the park and the other parks in the mission, we have seven partners and one supervisor. in terms of dolores right now, we have two gardners, half of a custodian, and other resources volunteers to help us out.
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thhat is kind of our baseline, which goes into that $400,000 budget, which is again a fairly rough estimate. so, locating the abandoned the muni station, off the bridge at 19th and church, running through the parke -- basically the station itself is with the mta. we do have a lot of maintenance activities there. here on this slide, the access point to the park is treacherous.
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there is no sidewalk with stairwells coming out of the park into traffic. an issue that my colleagues will talk about shortly. again, to show you the photos of the bridge, underneath that we have the station. to give a sense of what is left with graffiti, the challenge this day to day. in terms of it being a huge maintenance burden, it is a daily sight for the writers on the line where thousands of people run by the abandoned station every day.
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again, just to get a quick estimate, we spend $50,000 annually on graffiti abatement. out of that $23,000 is estimated to be spent on the one muni station alone. the labor for cleaning up, the graffiti is not the only problem. but truly it is a bit of a public health nightmare in terms of it being a public latrine and all of the other issues that, despite our best efforts, are ongoing in that station. we can move on? that is it? thank you. supervisor wiener: could i just ask, currently, whose responsibility is it? mta or recon park?
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seems like if it is reckoned park -- a wreck and parked -- rec and park, where is the dispute? >> my understanding is that the station itself is under the jurisdiction. because it is within the park, we have extended dollars on maintenance in the past. we have been in discussions, as i understand it, to address that issue, but in the past they have done a lot in that area. supervisor cohen: do you plan to utilize cameras to capture some of these violations that are occurring?
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>> it is definitely something that we are talking about. there is a definite possibility for having something like that. it is something that we have talked about. supervisor cohen: is there a written proposal? is there an action item around the conversation? i believe that rec and park have you lies removal cameras in golden gate park. i am curious to know how this can be implemented. i understand that it is important to do, but in terms of dealing with the problem, how do
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we deal with the more systemic? >> i am not sure how many of those facilities have utilized that. >> hello, supervisors. my understanding is that cameras have been used. it would be a question of possibly working with s f g. as mr. anderson was about to say. something that we cannot possibly explored. supervisor cohen: i was told that rec and park owns the cameras. >> are you sure? supervisor mar: from everything i have seen, there will be a more collaborative relationship
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moving forward. i am very optimistic about that. what kinds of ideas to both departments have for working together toward the limit -- the lead -- delineating separately to maintain the area better and keeping it more sanitary? >> i think that our main objective is to remove the muni stop and turn it basically into a landscape the area. keeping up with the activities that have historically been going on there. alex, sarah, you might know more about the negotiations over the possible maintenance. for now what is going on in terms of the maintenance
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agreement? >> the true solutions, the short-term solutions, they would be happy to see mta in mou. we will be working on getting that together. with regards to the property lines, the long-term solution is something that we have touched on and are hoping that people will find a long-term solution as part overall renovation project so that we can include the improvement on that station. supervisor wiener: mr. hal, do you have anything to add to that? >> so that we are clear on one point, 19th and church is not an active station. we are not picking up passengers. first of all, we will do two
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things. we need to do a much better job about policing the right of way in general. not just through application, but through the park and into the limits of that. part of that is that we have had, as you can imagine, for the whole city graffiti is a big problem for us. muni had some success in arresting and prosecuting folks. we have not received much in restitution at this point, but the fact is that we continue to use all the resources, including cameras. i think that the other thing here that we might be able to bring to the table is that we have a kind of blended program for shelters.
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with others we have been successful with our clear channel program. putting up and maintaining a shelter, such as cleaning and general upkeep, this area, it is our feeling that in addition to improving cooperation with our sister agency, we have other avenues for not just cleaning, but providing better information. i think that that is where we are at this point. supervisor mar: thank you. mr. gill crest? >> thank you, supervisors. i am tasked with managing improvements in the
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rehabilitation of the park. currently, we are in the middle of the community design process. without getting into a lot of the details, eric and john spoke eloquently about the operational challenges. there were three stops along the western edge. there is the one under the bridge and the one at 20th and 18th. as a department we have looked at integrating into the real amenity, with of those active stops being used in the integration of integration between 20th and church, making that a safer crossing. moving north through the park, making sure that cumberland st.
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has a staircase from church across the trail, working with the mta to control pedestrian, with the help of the supervisors leader's office, working with the mta to discuss the removal before -- removal below the bridge. moving toward a 18th street and church, we have mentioned this but we have significant challenges with the two. essentially, pinched points where it is hard to get maintenance vehicles through those areas. we have just begun working with john on a redevelopment plan for that stop. which, i should mention, as we
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work on these, they are seen as huge, welcoming interests to the park. that really is the front door of the park for the castro neighborhood. we are focused on that as well. we are at the point where the design team does not have details yet, but we will be happy to come back on that. any questions? supervisor mar: anything from either the apartment? thank you. i do not have any public comment cards. if anyone would like to make it public comment, just lineup. public comment is two minutes. you will hear a quiet bell when you have 30 seconds left and a loud bell when your time is up. >> thank you for taking up the topic of the j church line, which also serves the park.
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i would like you to extend your inquiry into the stock at grant park. -- stop and grand park. we have graffiti that will not quit. we have filth. it probably involves excrement and urine. frankly, i do not use that stop except for rarely because of these problems. that stopped is rarely used. when i have been down there a few times per year, rarely there is anyone they're using it. if you wish to speed up accessibility to other stops, i would say to shut it down. then, there is access. if there was a health emergency
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or any one was attacked, cars are prevented from coming off. stopping to assist anyone. i had an experience two months ago. for me and everyone in my home is concerned about these issues there. a group of youths was standing around in something raised the hairs on the back of my neck when i went by myself, without a person in my hand or a cell phone, attempting not to be victimized, i happened to use it that day at 4:30. i felt distinctly threatened by the fact that one of the students stood two feet in front of me and was obviously casing me for an opportunity. please do not forget that stop.
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supervisor wiener: trust me, we have not. mr. rust? >> i am here today to speak positively on the cooperation that is now the dialogue that has begun between the municipal transportation authority and rec and park. are encouraging this dialogue and synthetic is long overdue. we started in earnest on the rehabilitation of the park. we had only heard rumors of the mta boss involvement. it is good to see concrete evidence. writing today by saul painters and a crew out there, under the
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bridge, painting away. just a happy to incidents, i am sure. thank you for helping us to encourage this. supervisor wiener: thank you. public comment is closed. this is a really important area. not just for district 8, but for all of the surrounding neighborhoods is a regional destination in a lot of ways. i am optimistic and would continue this to the call of the chair. supervisor mar: please call item no. 3. >> item #3. resolution of the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco
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determining and making certain findings under the california environmental quality act relating to the construction and improvement of certain firehouses and determining other matters related thereto. supervisor mar: we have the new entertainment commissioner with us in the house, today, i would like to mention. >> good afternoon, supervisors. with me today to address this matter are two of my colleagues. sfgov.or[unintelligible] we are here today to request a consideration of the resolution before you related to the construction and improvement of certain fire stations.
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this resolution is necessary at this time because the initial sale of the emergency response bonds last year, rather, the scope of the project had not been completed. the department of city planning and said that this would allow us to continue to progress with these projects. particularly those with the risk of leakage because of the rain. i am eager to held to explain to you any of the background of the program. supervisor mar: i do not see any
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questions from colleagues. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your forwarding this on to the full board. supervisor mar: would anyone like to speak from the public? colleagues, can move this forward? thank you. please call the next two items together. >> item #4. resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to vacate an approximately 8,490 square foot portion of public right-of-way located on cayuga avenue, west of naglee avenue; and setting the hearing date for all persons interested in the proposed vacation of said public right- of-way. item #5. ordinance -- one, ordering the vacation of an approximately 8,490 square foot portion of public right-of-way located on cayuga avenue, west of naglee avenue -- 2, approving the jurisdictional transfer of such portion of public right-of-way from the department of public works to the recreation and park department -- 3, approving
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the jurisdictional transfer of mandan avenue and portion of cayuga avenue, previously vacated by board of supervisors resolution no. 5468, from the department of public works to the recreation and park department -- 4, adopting environmental findings and findings that the actions contemplated herein are consistent with the city's general plan and planning code section 101.1 -- 5, authorizing official acts in connection with this ordinance. the >> a jurisdictional transfer is required for further park improvements. click background, this property generally lies as seen on the map, on the southern edge of interstate 280. through resolution 5468 amendment and cayuga are on this map. they were vacated as rights of way.
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parts of their as they have been built after resolutions since the time of creation. transforming. and you see that they are taking be outlined in red on the map. right on the stump, vacating that, transferring it as well. from dwp to rec park. this is a general cleanup that allows for further improvements. this is the overlay of the park improvements. you can see the area in red that is subject to the vacation.
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one way to do this is to deal with the sioux were laterals. these serve five adjacent residential parcels through the package today and we will reserve rights for those laterals that lie within the right of way today. that is properly noted in the enabling legislation. the matter was unanimously approved via the resolution on may 19th, 2011. the planning department issued their referral letter, dated march 11th, and these are the biggest of certification, dated april 27th, saying the project is categorically exempt from environmental review, putting the project in conformity with the general plan with the categorical exemption. i'm happy to answer any questions you might have. >>


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